Medium Voltage Busbar

Medium Voltage Cast-Resin Insulated Busway is developed for power systems between 3.6kV-24kV and up to 6300A. The busbar consists of copper or aluminium conductors, embedded in an enclosure of inflammable, self-extinguishing and homogeneous insulation mix based on epoxy cast-resin with mineral fillers ensuring high mechanical strength and chemical withstand.

The busbar line consists of a number of prefabricated elements. The electrical joining of the conductors is achieved by means of double fish plates and high tensile steel bolts.

The junctions and the element ends are overcast with the same insulation mix, ensuring IP67 is guaranteed over the full length of the busbar run.

Medium Voltage busbars are suitable for application in large buildings, industrial plants, power stations, sub-stations and large switch rooms.

Product Features
  • Very compact: up to 50% more compact than metal enclosed systems
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free
  • Low voltage drop and high short-circuit withstand capacity
  • Meet IEC 60694, IEC 62271-200, IEC 62771-201 IEC 62271-202 and IEEE C 37.23 standards.
  • Overload capacity of +20% for 2 hours
  • Degree of protection tested in accordance with IEC-60529, IP67 – completely water and dustproof
  • Mechanical Impacts IK10.
  • Fire resistant to IEC 60331-21 and BS 7346
  • Low EMC
  • Self-extinguishing insulation as per IEC 60332
  • Insulation level: class ‘B’, 130°C
  • Anti-explosion certification meets EN 50028 no. EEx m II.
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution and wide range of chemicals
  • Heat dissipation holes of MV busway are unique design
  • Tailor-made terminal elements for connection to transformer generator and panel
  • KEMA-, ISO9001:2008 and CE-certified
Technical Data


Impedance x 10 -3 /100m, 60 HzVoltage Drop(/100m)
AMP RatingRXZ030405060708091
TABLE 31-1
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